Our primary intervention revolves around the research based and scientifically proven Remediation Plus System ( The systematic and multi-sensory approach was developed to help students who have difficulties with reading, spelling, phonological awareness and/or printing. It is recognized by the Canadian Government's Scientific Research and Economic Development Program as research-based and scientifically valid and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinics across Ontario.

Aside from our Remediation Plus program designed to aid children who are experiencing difficulty with grade-level reading and/or spelling expectations, we also offer early literacy skill intervention and higher-level grammar services. Check out the INTERVENTION section below for more details.



We offer a free consultation session with families in order to explain our services and demonstrate the program as well as the research behind it. Please contact us to set up a consultation session.

Teacher & Student


Once you decide to proceed with service, an initial assessment will take place to determine your child's eligibility and areas of strength and weakness. After the assessment, a family consultation meeting will occur. At this meeting, the assessment results will be discussed and a therapy plan will be developed in collaboration with the family.

Learn to Read


After the initial assessment is complete, an individualized intervention plan and schedule will be developed. The length and frequency of intervention will depend on your child's individual needs.

As mentioned above, we provide intervention services for all ages and levels of literacy: 

Intervention can begin as early as four years old with our early literacy curriculum, which is designed for children who are currently at a pre-reading level. It focuses on skills that lead to successful reading later on: the alphabet, letter-sound correspondence, and phonological awareness skills.

Our Remediation Plus program is designed to aid children who are experiencing difficulty with grade-level reading and/or spelling expectations.

Our higher-level grammar curriculum is for older children and adults who have already learned to read and spell and is designed to provide a deeper, logical understanding of how to successfully complete written work.